Status Indicators

Dingo has four configurable LEDs on the corners of the chassis, as well as a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) panel on the rear of the robot. These lights are used to indicate the robot’s status.

HMI Panel


From left-to right the HMI panel controls are:



LED Colors

HMI E-Stop

Emergency Stop (E-Stop)

Green: Motors are powered. Red: E-Stop is engaged.


MCU connection status

Green: MCU working. Red/Off: Error communicating with MCU.


Wi-Fi connection status

Green: Wi-Fi connected. Off: Wi-Fi offline.

HMI Battery

Battery status

Green: Battery OK. Red: Battery low.

HMI Power

Power button

Green: Robot is on. Off: Robot is off.

Corner LEDs

The corner LEDs use the following patterns to indicate the robot’s status:

Front LEDs

Rear LEDs


Solid white

Solid red

Normal operation.

Pulsing orange

Pulsing orange

Battery is low.

Flashing orange

Flashing orange


Flashing red

Flashing red

E-Stop is engaged.

Solid red

Solid red

ROS is not running. Possibly because unable to contact MCU, or firmware malfunction, or initialization error.

While the robot is in the normal operation state the LED colors can be customized by publishing to the /cmd_lights topic. In any other state LED customization is disabled.