Status Indicators

Dingo has four configurable LEDs on the corners of the chassis, as well as a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) panel on the rear of the robot. These lights are used to indicate the robot’s status.

HMI Panel


From left-to right the HMI panel controls are:



LED Colors

HMI E-Stop


Green: motors are powered. Red: e-stop is engaged.


MCU connection status

Green: MCU working. Red/off: error communicating with MCU


Wi-Fi connection status

Green: Wi-fi connected. Off: Wi-fi offline

HMI Battery

Battery status

Green: Battery OK. Red: Battery low

HMI Power

Power button

Green: robot is on. Off: robot is off

Corner LEDs

The corner LEDs use the following patterns to indicate the robot’s status:

Front LEDs

Rear LEDs


Solid white

Solid red

Normal operation

Pulsing orange

Pulsing orange

Battery is low

Flashing orange

Flashing orange


Flashing red

Flashing red

E-stop is engaged

Solid red

Solid red

ROS is not running

While the robot is in the normal operation state the LED colors can be customized by publishing to the /cmd_lights topic. In any other state LED customization is disabled.