The easiest method of interacting with IndoorNav is via the web GUI. The following conditions must be met in order for the web GUI to function correctly:

  1. IndoorNav is running (see Manually Starting IndoorNav or Automatically Starting IndoorNav),

  2. the robot is connected to a wireless access point,

  3. your laptop or desktop is connected to the same network as the robot,

  4. you know the robot’s IP address on the wireless network (or can resolve its hostname to the wireless IP address), and

  5. port-forwarding has been enabled on the robot.

The web interface operates over http on port TCP/5000.

IndoorNav's main web interface

To access the web interface, open your web browser and navigate to the robot’s IP address on port 5000, e.g.: .. code-block:


Google Chrome 62.x or later is recommended. Other modern browsers, such as Firefox 95.x or later and Chromium 95.x or later will likely also work, but have not been tested as thoroughly as Google Chrome.

The following sections explain specific features of the Web GUI.