Installing Required Software

Once you have configured apt and rosdep, you can install the IndoorNav libraries and their dependencies on your robot by running:

sudo apt-get install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-cpr-indoornav-ROBOT

where ROBOT is replaced with the model of Clearpath robot you are installing: - dingo for Dingo-O or Dingo-D, - husky for Husky A200, - jackal for Jackal J100, or - ridgeback for Ridgeback

This will automatically install the required launch files and dependencies.

Once the packages are installed, run the following to configure the IndoorNav software:

rosrun cpr_indoornav setup

This script will install additional necessary packages, configure apache2 to act as a proxy server to the IndoorNav backpack, configure SSH credentials to allow ROS to launch nodes on the backpack PC automatically, and configure the networking between the main PC and backpack to ensure the hostnames and IP addresses are configured correctly. The setup script is interactive; you will be prompted to enter your password more than once and select options from multiple menus.

Once you have finished running the setup script, reboot the robot to finish.

For more details on the networking configuration the cpr_indoornav setup script performs, please see Configuring the Network Bridge.