Simulating with Gazebo

If you do not have a physical robot and physical sensors, you can instead simulate everything using gazebo.

The Robot Customizer ROS package provides a useful .launch file for simulation in gazebo. This file is called gazebo.launch, and can be found here.

To use it, simply launch gazebo.launch and provide the description_launch argument with the path to your robot’s .launch file. For example, you can simulate the model of the example generic_robot.urdf.xacro robot along with the SICK LMS1xx 2D laser scanner attached to it. In terminal, run:

roslaunch cpr_robot_customizer gazebo.launch description_launch:=/home/administrator/catkin_ws/src/cpr_robot_customizer/example/description.launch

Once gazebo loads, you should see the model of the example generic robot, along with the SICK LMS1xx 2D laser scanner mounted ontop of the box link.

Robot Customizer Gazebo