Ridgeback is a midsize indoor robot platform that uses an omni-drive to move manipulators and heavy payloads with ease. The omnidirectional base provides precision positioning in constrained environments and comes fully integrated with onboard computer, front and optional rear laser scanners and an IMU. Ridgeback offers native ROS and Gazebo integration and is plug-and-play compatible with Clearpath’s wide range of robot accessories.



Ridgeback is designed with omnidirectional Mecanum wheels paired with a precision drive and high resolution encoders (35840 pulses per revolution) to enable exact position control within 3 degrees of maneuverability.


Ridgeback’s versatility enables unconstrained path and algorithm planning. Ridgeback can even simulate a more limited platform by not using its side-to-side capabilities.


The integrated LIDAR and top plate is designed for an unobstructed 360-degree LIDAR field of view (rear-mounted LIDAR required). This allows Ridgeback to operate autonomously, avoid collisions and plan paths that take full advantage of the maneuverability offered by its omnidrive base.


Ridgeback is only 11in (30cm) tall and fits through a standard 32in (80cm) door. This allows Ridgeback to operate effectively in typical industrial and commercial environments without issue. It also has a passive suspension system to ensure reliable traction over floor transitions or changes in terrain (ie. concrete to carpet).


As with all Clearpath robots, Ridgeback is plug-and-play compatible with our extensive list of robot accessories. Prototyping an industrial or commercial mobile robot has never been easier.

Tech Specs

Ridgeback tech specs side
Ridgeback tech specs front

Size and Weight

External Dimensions 960 x 793 x 296 mm
(37.7 x 31.1 x 11.6 in)
Weight 135 kg
(275.6 lbs)
Max Payload 100 kg
(220 lbs)

Speed and Performance

Max Speed

1.1 m/s
(3.6 ft/s)

Obstacle Clearance

18 mm
(0.7 in)

Drivers and APIs



Configure a custom platform. Explore all Accessories.


Rethink Robotics


Universal Robotics

LMS-111 Lidar


3 Finger Gripper



The preconfigured packages offer everything needed to get started quickly. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Visit our full Accessories List.

Baxter Package

The Baxter Package includes an adjustable podium mount, power system tie-ins and communication for Baxter, enabling the robot to be integrated in under 30 minutes. Easily coordinate behaviours between Ridgeback and Baxter with ROS support and a software URDF which defines sensor positions.

Example Applications
Included Accessories
Featured Upgrades
Ridgeback Baxter manipulator integration

UR5 Package

The UR5 Package includes mechanical mounting, integrated UR5 controller, power and communications for the Universal Robotics UR5 robot arm. It also includes a Robotiq 3-Finger gripper and a force torque sensor. Easily coordinate behaviours between Ridgeback and UR5 with full ROS, Gazebo Physics Simulator, RViz and MoveIT! Motion planner support.

Example Applications
Ridgeback UR5 manipulation integration
  • Ridgeback mobile manipulation platform
  • Ridgeback with UR10
  • Ridgeback Baxter
  • Ridgeback mobile manipulation platform
  • Ridgeback baxter render
  • Ridgeback mobile materials transportation
  • Ridgeback mobile manipulator