Husky Mobilizes MIT Bomb Disposal Research

Clearpath’s flagship robot, the Husky Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), was conceptualized initially so humans could safely detect and remove land mines. True to those origins, Husky is now being used by Julie Shah’s team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology... read more

Clearpath Mentors Next Gen Engineers

If there’s one thing that Clearpath loves (other than robots, of course), it’s doing what we can to give back to the community. That’s why we can’t help but to brag about Philip Perivolaris, an engineering-professor-turned-robot-hardware-wizard at Clearpath. Not only... read more

Baxter Gets New Wheels from Clearpath’s Ridgeback

This week Clearpath unveiled the newest member of its robot fleet: an omnidirectional development platform called Ridgeback. In addition to carrying heavy payloads (up to 100 kg), it easily integrates with a variety of manipulators and sensors to deliver unprecedented... read more

Clearpath Sponsors Award for Innovative Bike Lock

Once upon a time, four Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (MME) students at the University of Waterloo met in a robotics lab. Bonded by a shared passion for robots and curiosity about what the future of the industry would bring, they began a project: to build a... read more

Clearpath’s Guest Lecture Series with Prof. Dana Kulić

Here at Clearpath, we value continued education, which only makes sense since the field of robotics is expanding and robotics technology is evolving at lightning speeds. As such, the Guest Lecture Series was established to provide formal, highly technical... read more

From Books to Bots: 2015 Winter Term Co-op

Every four months we welcome another batch of co-op students, and the winter term was certainly an exciting one. In fact, our Marketing Communications department expanded with a co-op student; he was joined by other students spanning supply chain, mechanical hardware... read more

Simulating Clearpath Robots in MapleSim

A couple challenges with robotics is that robots are expensive and they usually depend on batteries. What if you want to run an experiment with 100 robots, running for 10 hours? To help answer this question, ROS has built in support for robot simulation in the form of... read more