Kingfisher Swims to Singapore’s Rescue

Some of the most exciting environmental sensing research in the world is being completed by SMART: the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology. The partnership helps Singapore’s government develop research and technology to combat overpopulation and... read more

Making Collaborative Robots Mobile – by SICK

This article was originally posted on the SICK USA BLOG and is part of their ongoing collaborative robots series available here. An Emerging Field The field of robotics has grown quickly and opened up a world where humans and robots can interact collaboratively,... read more

ARL Husky Chooses Its Own Path with Terrain Classification

We provide some of the world’s top researchers with unmanned vehicles for their R&D initiatives, and the U.S. Army Research Lab (ARL) is no exception! This week, we had a chance to learn how they’re using two Clearpath Huskies to field test vision-based autonomous... read more

Webinar Recording: Transform Your Intralogistics

Your organization is growing so fast that you can’t keep up. One of your facilities isn’t operating at peak efficiency. Your company is a victim of labour shortage. These challenges have lead you to proactively look for ways to improve your operation – you need to in... read more

Integration Service: Is it worth it?

One of the most popular questions our team receives from top tier robotics divisions like you is “what’s really different about your solution?” Aside from the fact that Clearpath platforms are rugged, reliable, and robust, they’re also delivered out-of-the-box ready.... read more

Husky Mobilizes MIT Bomb Disposal Research

Clearpath’s flagship robot, the Husky Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), was conceptualized initially so humans could safely detect and remove land mines. True to those origins, Husky is now being used by Julie Shah’s team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology... read more

Clearpath Mentors Next Gen Engineers

If there’s one thing that Clearpath loves (other than robots, of course), it’s doing what we can to give back to the community. That’s why we can’t help but to brag about Philip Perivolaris, an engineering-professor-turned-robot-hardware-wizard at Clearpath. Not only... read more