Clearpath’s Guest Lecture Series with Prof. Dana Kulić

Here at Clearpath, we value continued education, which only makes sense since the field of robotics is expanding and robotics technology is evolving at lightning speeds. As such, the Guest Lecture Series was established to provide formal, highly technical... read more

From Books to Bots: 2015 Winter Term Co-op

Every four months we welcome another batch of co-op students, and the winter term was certainly an exciting one. In fact, our Marketing Communications department expanded with a co-op student; he was joined by other students spanning supply chain, mechanical hardware... read more

Simulating Clearpath Robots in MapleSim

A couple challenges with robotics is that robots are expensive and they usually depend on batteries. What if you want to run an experiment with 100 robots, running for 10 hours? To help answer this question, ROS has built in support for robot simulation in the form of... read more

AgBot 2016 Powers $50,000 Grant for Grizzly RUV

Clearpath Robotics, in conjunction with airBridge, is proud to offer a $50,000 grant toward the purchase of the Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle for teams in 2016’s agBOT Robotic Seeding Challenge. Participants are challenged to build unmanned robotic equipment to... read more

Robots 101 – Lasers

In this new Robots 101 series, we will be taking a look at how robots work, what makes designing them challenging, and how engineers at Clearpath Robotics tackle these problems. To successfully operate in the real world, robots need to be able to see obstacles around... read more

Clearpath and Christie Make 3D Video Game with Robots

For our recent “hack week,” we teamed up with one of the most innovative visual technology companies in the world: Christie, which happens to be a quick 15 minute drive from the Clearpath HQ. What we made was, well, awesome… As seems to be the norm,... read more

MATLAB Robotics System Toolbox and ROS

Recently, Mathworks released a new toolbox for Matlab. This is exciting for a number of reasons: it includes everything from data analysis to coordination of multiple robots. In today’s post, we explore using this Robotics System Toolbox to connect to both real... read more

The Journey of Clearpath

With the recent announcement of Clearpath’s Series A Funding, we thought that we’d take a look at Clearpath’s humble beginnings to see just how far our company has grown and what our robots have been up to over the years. Check out our beautifully... read more