Kinect V2 Backpack for ROS

Enabling the Kinect V2 for PR2 has been a little tricky. The very high bandwidth of the sensor (almost fully saturating USB 3.0) combined with the high frame-rate of the sensor means that a dedicated computer is usually needed for data processing. Luckily the PR2 team... read more

Indigo is Here for Husky

ROS Indigo for Husky has arrived! Yes you read it correctly – Indigo is ready for our flagship Husky platform, and for those curious, it’s already built into Jackal. Moving forward, all new Huskies purchased from Clearpath will be shipped out with Indigo. In the... read more

Grizzly and Husky Get a Helping Hand

Clearpath is proud to partner with our friends at Universal Robotics to integrate UR5 and UR10 with the Husky and Grizzly, respectively, to make the ultimate mobile robot configurations! This is the first of many mobile robot configurations to be released, so stay... read more

ROS, Arduino, and a Husky Simulation

The Arduino family of micro controllers has quickly become a go-to board for hobbyists due to its ease of use. Often times roboticists must create communication protocols to allow their embedded hardware to communicate with a computer. One of the most powerful aspects... read more

Do More with Udev

Udev is a device manager for Linux that dynamically creates and removes nodes for hardware devices. In short, it helps your computer find your robot easily. By default, hardware devices attached to your Linux (Ubuntu) PC will belong to the root user. This means that... read more

From Books to Bots: 2014 Fall Term Robotics Coop

It was a record-breaking fall for Clearpath Robotics; we’ve never had as many coop students as we did this term – we welcomed 11 students from colleges and universities across Canada and this ready-to-go group did not disappoint! Whether it was detailing... read more

Building Robots: A New Frontier

We have a lot of robot gurus here at Clearpath; I’m talkin’ hardcore experts. There are a few of us, however, who are a little rusty on our robot-building skills. As in, we don’t have any… You know who I’m talking about – the people in finance, supply chain, and... read more