[VIDEO] Husky UGV Used for 3D Mapping in Mars Simulation

Graz University, in partnership with the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) and international research organisations including Oman Astronomical Society, conducted a four-week Mars simulation mission in the Arabian desert in Oman. The study was about the execution of a... read more

Husky UGV Hauls Water Across Distant Villages in Rural India

Every day, researchers are finding ways to mitigate problems throughout the developing world. At the recent Social Robots in the Wild workshop at HRI 2018, Amol Deshmukh of the University of Glasgow presented a new human-robot interaction study. In the study, a team... read more

Ridgeback Mobilizes Baxter in Social Robotics Research

Martin Cooney and a team of social robotics researchers at Halmstad University are using the Baxter and Ridgeback omnidirectional platform to make improvements in people’s everyday lives. The project is called Action and Intention Recognition in Human Interaction with... read more

Demine Robotics Uses Husky UGV in Landmine Excavating Device

Demine Robotics Growing up in Cambodia, the world’s most heavily landmined country, demining is a cause that is very important to Richard Yim. This prompted Yim and four fellow mechnical engineering students at the University of Waterloo to develop a demining robot... read more

Turtlebot 2 Investigates Motion Blur for SLAM

Taggart Bonham, a Computer Science Major at Dartmouth College, has worked for several years in Corporate R&D at Magna International focusing on the application of computer vision and mapping in manufacturing. In a recent project, Taggart has used the Turtlebot 2... read more

A Guide to Lasers For Robots (Part 2)

As covered in our previous post on lasers there are many different factors that need to be considered when choosing a laser sensor for use in robots. In this post, we will further explore the options for a modern roboticist. Use case The first aspect to consider when... read more

Clearpath CTO talks ROS on Podcast

Listen to CTO Ryan Gariepy join ROS Developers Podcast host Ricardo Tellez, to talk about how Clearpath is using ROS for field service robots. Some key takeaways from the podcast pertain to how Clearpath is using ROS, the superiority of ROS, and the future of ROS.... read more