Simulating Multiple Husky UGVs in Gazebo

How can I simulate multiple Huskies in a single Gazebo environment? This question pops up from time to time from customers who have adopted multiple Clearpath robots. While there are various options, including the Multimaster FKIE ROS package, many customers seem to... read more

Indoor Material Transport for Indoor Cities

Self-driving vehicles aren’t only for Google maps and space-age books. In fact, the vehicles are already hitting the streets – indoor streets that is. Indoor cities vs. outdoor cities Indoor cities are similar to outdoor cities in many ways: they share streets,... read more

5 Innovation Challenges in Materials Transport

To continue to prosper and grow, manufacturers need to embrace innovation to overcome some of the significant challenges they face in the day-to-day operation of their business. Here are just some of the challenges manufacturers are battling today: Challenge #1:... read more

Why Industry 4.0 will Leave AGVs Behind

Technology has been in development for the last decade and has now come to fruition in the form of self-driving vehicles. These vehicles are driving into industrial centers and beginning to replace traditional AGVs, and it’s no wonder why. The first AGV was introduced... read more

Interview: The Team Behind The Apple Harvesting Robot

Amir Degani is an assistant professor at Technion Institute of Technology and Avi Kahnani is the CEO and Co-Founder of Israeli robotics start-up Fresh Fruits Robotics (FFR). Together, they presented an apple harvesting robot that will autonomously navigate apple... read more

Ramping up to Industry 4.0

So what really is Industry 4.0 and why should you be excited? Industry 4.0 is the next leap in manufacturing. It combines our quest for using large quantities of data; translating it (computing power) into meaningful information; sharing it across a large network allowing people and machines (such as robotics and additive manufacturing) to create a product faster, more efficiently and at less cost.

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ROS 101: ROS Navigation Basics Tutorial

If you’ve worked with ROS and robots, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of gmapping, localization, SLAM, costmaps and paths. But what does all of this mean? They are more than just robot buzz words; they allow a robot to navigate from one point to another... read more