[Video] Inside Hack Day at Clearpath

A proud Clearpath tradition Clearpath HQ is always ablaze with a certain level of buzz, but no day seems to have more excitement in it than Hack Day. For our most recent Hack Day, teams were given 8 hours (1 work day) of dedicated time to plan and execute their... read more

Interview: IGVC Winner on “Bigfoot 2” Husky UGV

The International Ground Vehicle Ground Competition (IGVC) is an annual event that brings together teams of college students from all over the globe to compete in an autonomous ground vehicle competition. Teams are tasked to design and construct a fully autonomous... read more

Video: Working with the Robot Localization Package

Written by Steffi Paepcke and originally posted on Open Source Robotics Foundation Blog on June 17, 2016. Clearpath Robotics is best known for building yellow and black robots that are the research platforms you’d build for yourself; that is, if it wasn’t much easier... read more

Mapping and Navigating with an Intel RealSense R200 Camera

A light-weight 3D camera with ROS integration The RealSense R200 camera is a new 3D camera from Intel that packs three cameras – two IR cameras (left and right) and one RGB camera – into a small, light-weight form factor. With its relative low cost, high... read more

Webinar: Robots and Open Source Operating Software

What is open source software? What are some the advantages and disadvantages? Can every robot use ROS (Robot Operating System)? These are just a few of the questions discussed in last month’s Robots and Open Source Operating Software webinar, hosted by Robotic... read more

A Clear Path with a New Look

When our company was started, mobile apps were leading the way in the world of technology. Meanwhile, the notion of robotics was – for many – a figment of imagination, a high risk investment, or a killing machine portrayed through the Hollywood lens.... read more