Jackal-Based Robot Modernizes Site Inspection

This project originated in the Robotics Research Centre of Nanyang Technology University (NTU) located in Singapore. Both faculty members and PhD students are involved with many aspects of robotics in areas of healthcare, environment and construction. With increased... read more

A Better Solution for GPS Waypoint Navigation

For outdoor robotics, one of the key capabilities for autonomous use-cases is GPS Waypoint Navigation. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, GPS Waypoint Navigation is the ability to provide a robot with a set of GPS waypoints (i.e., a set of latitude / longitude... read more

Jackal-Based Robot Maps Radiation Environment in ROS

A team from the University of Manchester Robotics group have created the CARMA 2, a Jackal-based robot that showcases the ability to map a radiation environment in ROS. This semi-autonomous robot contains a live GUI of the SLAM mapping and path plans. If radiation... read more

Farming Robot Changes the Future of Plant Pollination

The Other Black and Yellow Plant Pollinator When you picture the black and yellow creatures that pollinate plants, you probably don’t think of a Husky do you? But that’s exactly what the team from West Virginia University is using for their current project – a... read more

Jackal UGV & NVIDIA Jetson: A match made in heaven

Any quick search online for computing platforms for artificial intelligence or machine learning, and especially embedded modules, will lead you directly to the Jetson line from NVIDIA. Described as “AI supercomputers the size of a credit card,” these modules are the... read more

Husky UGV Helps Grape Growers Conserve Water

One wouldn’t normally make a connection between wineries and robots, but that is just what a university current project in California has combined. Stefano Carpin is a Electrical Engineering and Computer Science professor at University of California, Merced. His team,... read more

Partner Spotlight: Generation Robots

As Clearpath Robotics grows, we’ve continued to work with a number of distributors across the globe – each of them entrenched in the local robotics culture of their communities. Having local, boots on the ground partners all over the world has helped Clearpath... read more