AI Helps Robots Navigate in Hazardous Indoor Spaces

By Mokshith Voodarla, Josh Hejna, Anish Singhani, Rahul Amara, and originally posted on NVIDIA’s News Center. As robots become more integral throughout the world, delivering mail, food, and giving directions, they need to be able to easily navigate through... read more

Visual Teach and Repeat: A Closer Look (PART 2)

In the previous article VT&R Part 1, we introduced Visual Teach and Repeat Technology and  gave a insight into software highlights and its ease of use. In part 2, we will be looking into what makes VT&R different, potential applications and robot... read more

Visual Teach and Repeat: A Closer Look (PART 1)

Last month, we introduced the GPS Waypoint Navigation package, which is the ability to provide a robot with a set of GPS waypoints (i.e., a set of latitude / longitude pairs), and have the robot autonomously navigate from its current location to each of the defined... read more

Clearpath Releases New ROS Driver for FLIR Vision Cameras

Clearpath has developed a new ROS driver for FLIR vision cameras. The driver is compatible with both USB3 and GIGE cameras that use the new Spinnaker Software Development Kit, including the Oryx, Blackfly, Chameleon3, Flea3 and Grashopper3 models. The new driver aims... read more

Clearpath & Universal Robots Team Up In Partnership

Clearpath to offer ROS supported variants of the popular collaborative manipulators Kitchener, ON, Canada – Jul. 30, 2018 – Clearpath Robotics, a global provider of mobile robots for research and development, is now a Universal Robots Certified System Integrator... read more

Developing a Reliable Teammate for Soldiers Using Husky UGV

The team of researchers from the U.S Army, Research, Development and Engineering Command Research Laboratory and the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University have created a new technique that teaches robots, “Novel traversal behaviors with minimal human... read more