Clearpath Presents Jorge Cham and More at iROS 2017

Are you going to iROS 2017? We’ll be there and in no small way! To kick things off we are a Silver sponsor at the conference and aren’t stopping there. Clearpath is thrilled to announce that we are presenting The Science Gap Lecture by Jorge Cham! This... read more

Rapid Outdoor/Indoor 3D Mapping with a Husky UGV

The need for fast, accurate 3D mapping solutions has quickly become a reality for many industries wanting to adopt new technologies in AI and automation. New applications requiring these 3D mapping platforms include surveillance, mining, automated measurement &... read more

Kinect(ing) the Dots Between Depth Cameras

One of the questions we get asked the most by clients is what the differences are between different vision sensors. There are tried and true cameras like the options from Point Grey (Flea3 and Bumblebee) which have been long-time favourites of R&D groups for... read more

3D LIDAR: True 3D Sensing and Spinning 2D Alternatives

Arguably the biggest tech buzz-word of the past couple years has been self-driving, and the way the market is ramping up, that trend isn’t going to subside for quite some time – if ever. From research across electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science and... read more

[Video] Inside Hack Day at Clearpath

A proud Clearpath tradition Clearpath HQ is always ablaze with a certain level of buzz, but no day seems to have more excitement in it than Hack Day. For our most recent Hack Day, teams were given 8 hours (1 work day) of dedicated time to plan and execute their... read more

Interview: IGVC Winner on “Bigfoot 2” Husky UGV

The International Ground Vehicle Ground Competition (IGVC) is an annual event that brings together teams of college students from all over the globe to compete in an autonomous ground vehicle competition. Teams are tasked to design and construct a fully autonomous... read more