TurtleBot is a small, low cost, open source robot for personal robotics development


Getting Started with Robotics has Never Been Easier

Powerful yet Affordable

TurtleBot still comes with the best low-cost hardware on the market to give you a highly capable autonomous platform for developing robot applications. The robot base, Kinect, netbook, and gyro are all seamlessly integrated to deliver maximum performance.


The new TurtleBot has many power features to improve user experience. We’ve included a 19V output so you can charge your Kobuki and laptop at the same time, added more user connectors to power more sensors, and we’ve even got an extended life battery upgrade to maximize your uptime.

Open Source, Open Community

TurtleBot lets you tap into the creativity and support of the thriving ROS Community. Thanks to this community, there are thousands of advanced software packages for robotics you can use with ROS. You can tap into powerful computer vision libraries like OpenCV and PCL, find drivers for a wide range of hardware add-ons, and test advanced research algorithms.

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Product Tech Specs

420 mm


355 mm


6.3 kg


0.65 m/s

Max Speed

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