Kingfisher is an ultra portable, mid-size unmanned surface vessel, featuring anti-fouling differential jet propulsion and an incredibly shallow profile


A Great Robot Starts with Great Fundamentals

One-Person Portable

A lightweight, compact design makes transport, launch and retrieval a breeze. Folding pontoons allow for an easy fit in your car, truck, ATV, helicopter, or hydroplane for remote deployments.

Grab-and-Go Deployment

An integrated system design means no lengthy set-up procedure - just drop it in the water, turn it on, and get started. Full MOOS and ROS compatibility provides rapid access to open source libraries.

Fast and Agile

Data collection needs to happen everywhere. The dual water jet propulsion system is powerful and responsive, letting the vessel drive in reverse, turn in place, and even parallel park.

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Take a Peek Under the Hood

1300 mm


3.3 kn


29 kg


10 kg

Max. Payload

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