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We are a world leader in robotics, dedicated to automating the world’s dullest, dirtiest, and deadliest jobs - but we come from humble beginnings. Gather around. We have a story to tell...



Clearpath co-founders are named on Business Insider's "People to Watch in 2015 List." The year will introduce new products, new configurations, and offer services for industrial applications.


Expanding headquarters

Now solidly entrenched in the industry, Clearpath Robotics is growing in well-oiled leaps and bounds. We moved our headquarters from a 5,000 square foot office space to 25,000 to accommodate 75 employees and handle the design and assembly of Grizzly, Husky, Kingfisher and our newest bot, Jackal.


When the tough gets Grizzly

Grizzly is introduced early in the year with much success! Meanwhile, our flagship vehicle, Husky, continues to attract leading researchers around the world including the Department of National Defense, Canadian Space Agency, US Navy, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon University - proving that indoors or out; on land, water, or in the air; from out-of-the-box platforms to the custom project of your dreams - we are your unmanned experts.



At the same time as we redesigned our Kingfisher and released it to an enthusiastic market, Clearpath attracted a large number of customers enthralled by our rugged unmanned vehicles. To keep up with demand and continue innovating, Clearpath hired more and more talented people motivated to change the world for the better. Clearpath quickly doubled in size.


Customers want custom

As the first iterations of the Husky and Kingfisher started rolling, and swimming, off the shelves, Clearpath dove into a wide range of custom projects. From mining equipment to mobile manipulators for disaster response, and harbour surveillance to agriculture, no challenge has been too large, nor any robot wishlist too small.


The pivot

Eventually, lack of resources forced this project to be set aside and Clearpath charted a new course. Production began on robust and reliable platforms for rapid prototyping. By providing innovators and researchers with out-of-the-box vehicles, their valuable time and budget could now be dedicated to developing new technology and accelerating the robotics industry.


A noble cause

Clearpath began as four University of Waterloo Mechatronics Engineering students trying to decrease the casualties of war. The US Army funded Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition provided the ideal setting for initial development of a team of low-cost robots that could divide and conquer to clear minefields without risking human life.

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