Boxer UGV Tutorials

Boxer Robot

This package supplies Sphinx-based tutorial content to assist you with setting up and operating your Boxer mobile robot. The tutorials topics are listed in the left column, and presented in the suggested reading order.


These tutorials assume that you are comfortable working with ROS. We recommend starting with our ROS tutorial if you are not familiar with ROS already.

Simulation is a logical place for most users to start, as this is universally applicable; understanding how to effectively operate Boxer in simulation is valuable whether you are in the testing phase with software you intend to ultimately deploy on a real Boxer, or you do not have one and are simply exploring the platform’s capabilities.

Mapping & Navigation with Boxer explains how to make use of Boxer’s onboard sensors to do basic mapping and localization using GMapping’s SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) algorithms.

Driving covers how to teleoperate Boxer using the remote control, a well as safety procedures for operating the real robot. Anyone working with a physical robot should be familiar with this section.

The remainder of the subjects are focused mainly on configuring, using, and maintaining the physical platform. If you are a lab administrator rather than direct platform user, you may wish to skip the introductory chapters and jump straight to these ones.