Backing Up Husky Configuration

Upgrading your Clearpath Husky to ROS Indigo from older ROS distributions is a straightforward process, however it’s important to understand that each Husky is different, having undergone customization to your specifications by our robotsmiths.

Please take the time to understand what these modifications are, and how to recreate them on your fresh install of Ubuntu Trusty/ROS Indigo.

Performing a Backup

  1. As a fail-safe, please make an image of your robot’s hard drive. You should always be able to restore this image if you need to revert back to your previous configuration.
  • The easiest approach may be to either connect a removable (USB or similar) hard drive to the robot PC, or to unplug the robot hard drive and insert it into a PC or workstation.
  • You can then use a tool such as CloneZilla or dd to write a backup image of your robot’s hard drive onto another hard drive.
  • Alternatively, you can simply replace the robot computer’s hard-drive, reserving the Hydro-configured drive and installing a new one to use with Indigo.
  1. There are several places in the filesystem you should specifically look for customizations for your Husky:
Location: Description:
/etc/network/interfaces Your robot may have a custom network configuration configured in this file.
/etc/ros/hydro/husky-core.d/*.launch Will contain base.launch and description.launch, may contain custom launch files for your robot configuration
/etc/ros/setup.bash May contain environment variables for your configuration.
  1. Please save all these files and use them as a reference during Indigo configuration!